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A Good Enough Mom:

1. Accepts that on some days her house will not be clean, the laundry will sit in baskets, the kids will watch TV, dinner will be leftovers, and she won't get in a shower. She knows that this is not the end of the world;

2. Does not expect perfection of herself or her child(ren);

3. Loves both her child(ren) and herself unconditionally;

4. Commits to developing not only her child(ren)'s mind(s), body(ies) and soul(s), but her own as well;

5. Will do the best that she can, every day, meeting realistic goals, rather than some fictional, unattainable standard of society;

6. Will help other moms do the same, by providing support, respect and understanding, and building communities to do so.

Or at the very least, we TRY to do the above.

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